Design department

Design and co-engineering

We support our customers in the design and industrialization of the product.

The service, totally free, is especially useful for adapting projects to laser tube cutting technology. But also for the bending and calendering of pipes, advice is often required where the parameters to be considered are manifold.

In some cases the design was integral, that is, it was entrusted to us completely. Successful cases are for example the Triform gym and fitness machines

But the activity of the technical office, thanks to the know-how acquired, does not stop there. We design production equipment such as welding masks, bend and bend molds, control gauges, therefore it is not necessary to contact third-party suppliers.

All this translates into a double benefit for the customer. In the first place, reduce the time for putting the product into production but above all contain the startup and industrialization costs of the article itself.

The entire activity is carried out with a three-dimensional CAD software (Siemens Solid Edge) which allows a fast and rapid sharing of the project both towards the customer and towards our production. In fact, in view of what we have called Industry 4.0 for years, our projects are directly interconnected both with the production machinery and with the control instruments.