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Tube bending machine

TUBE BENDING MACHINE: FROM DESIGN TO REALISATION Index Design bending force tools tolerances aesthetic finish alternatives Linear development calculation Production tips Integration with tube laser machine Agrital's know how The use of pipe bending machine is still a bit of an art today, in fact it is a more delicate process than others in metal [...]

ISO 3834 certification

Welding certification ISO3834-3 October 2020 - We obtain ISO3834 level 3 certification for our welding department. It's applicable for all welded parts with structural steels up to S900MC (from S235JR). From today we guarantee the quality of our welds checking the entire process (from acceptance to testing phases).

Dot marker machine

Pneumatic dot marker machine December 2019 - Metal dot marker machine to trace the production December 2019 - Pneumatic point and dot marker introduced to improve the traceability of parts and production lots. Thanks to the supplied software it is able to mark QR, alpha numeric and bar codes to meet the different needs of [...]

Press brake bending machine

Press brake machine June 2019 - Delivered the new press brake, the fourth for our department. The new machine has a bending force of 135 tons and the width of work bench of 3 meters (see technical sheet). However, its peculiarities are other: a) Stroke increased up to 300 mm to allow the bending of [...]

Fastener insertion machine

Fastener insertion machine March 2019 - New automatic press for the installation of nuts, pins and self-locking screws: the evolution continues to serve the customer. With the new system we can install nuts and the like from M3 to M10. Compared to traditional welding it is a faster solution. In addition, it eliminates the problem [...]

Pulsed welding

Pulsed welding machines January 2019 - The renewal of all 17 pulsed welding stations with latest generation machines has been completed. A significant upgrade for our welding department. The new welding machines have an inverter transformer and can weld with differet executions. This new welding mode has the advantage of a better aesthetic result even [...]

New sheet metal laser machine

Sheet metal laser machine May 2018 - new sheet metal laser cutting system installed. Machine with 3 kw power fiber resonator, 3 x 1.5 meter working area, and with automatic loading and unloading. Able to cut steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. The machine fully responds to the new Industry 4.0 paradigm It is a [...]

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Information technology for production Industry 4.0 (definition wikipedia) in metal carpentry means first of all the connection of the systems. It is the possibility of integrating the various information in order to improve management: from planning, monitoring and maintenance of the systems themselves. In our workshop for several years already some machines are [...]

Metal furniture FlyD

Design metal furniture Metal furniture accessories and sheet metal accessories for the home, stores and garden. The result of collaboration with various designers, they are produced under the FlyD brand. In the photo the latest creation. These are umbrella stands made with laser cutting tubes and painted in different colors. They are marketed through a [...]

Polisher machine

Polisher machine Manual polisher and glazing machine for finishing stainless steel sheets after welding. The satin finish coupled with the chemical pickling of the weld allows the elimination of the halos produced by TIG welding. In addition, make the entire surface uniform for a more pleasant and captivating visual effect. This operation is carried out [...]