Quality checks for metal working

With our internal quality department we guarantee the correct execution and repeatability of the production. The controls take place throughout the production process: laser cutting of pipes and sheet metal, bending and calendering, welding, assembly and surface treatments (painting and galvanizing).

We are ISO3834-3 certified with regards to welds and all the related process, for materials from S235 to S900MC. Validated by Italcert

Arm for 3D measurement

in particular:

  • incoming controls for raw materials (including certification) and componets from suppliers.
  • during production dimensional and mechanical controls. Also supported by 3D measuring instruments directly connected to drawings designed by the technical office.
  • traceability with pneumatic dot maker machine.
  • during assembly with verification through functional and customized tests according to check lists shared with customers.
  • Carrying out macro-graphic analysis and non-destructive welding checks (penetrating liquid or electromagnetic yoke techniques).
  • Testing the welding process with micro-graphic analysis.
  • Painting controls thanks to: verification of thickness, gloss, adhesion to the substrate and resistance to salt spray (rust).
  • Checking the packaging in those cases where the customer’s product is shipped directly to the end user.

All controls are reported in dedicated files and everything is available for our customers at anytime.