Press brake bending machine

Press brake bending machine

Press brake machine

June 2019 – Delivered the new press brake, the fourth for our department.

The new machine has a bending force of 135 tons and the width of work bench of 3 meters (see technical sheet).

However, its peculiarities are other:

a) Stroke increased up to 300 mm to allow the bending of complex shapes and sheet metal boxes with high sides.

b) Lower table with electronic and non-mechanical compensation to allow precise, linear but above all replicable bending also for long thin sheets (2mm or less). This system allows to eliminate a problem that usually occurs for sheets longer than 1.5 meters.

Electronic compensation is managed directly by the CNC and we can define it as an active axis while traditional machines have a mechanical system that is essentially passive during the processing. This means lower quality results with traditional system.

c) Wila ® tool attachments with pneumatic coupling and release which translates into extremely reduced machine setup times for the benefit of the customer because we drastically reduce cycle times especially on small series and prototypes.

So thanks to new technologies we not only increase the production capacity of the department but ultimately the quality of the pieces themselves.