Assembly and testing

Mechanical assembly and other services

The internal assembly and testing department allow us to offer complete products to our customers. We also support external surface finishing services such as painting and galvanizing.

Assembly and testing

We have the possibility to mount mechanical, aesthetic (plastic and wood), pneumatic and electrical components on our carpentry pieces.

The department counts on the experience of 5 people dedicated only to assembly and testing. The tests are agreed with the customer and always monitored by our quality.


As far as painting is concerned, we offer various application technologies in accordance with the contract specifications:

  • electrophoresis
  • powder
  • enamel paint

However, we can also define dedicated specifications according to specific needs, such as:

  • anti heat paints to increase the insulation of the object
  • galvanizing paints to increase rust resistance, typical for marine and off shore environments.
  • micaceous effect (peel effect) for outdoor urban furniture items

Finally, our quality department can verify the thickness, the gloss and perform adhesion and corrosion resistance tests (salt spray)

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Galvanizing and treatments

As an alternative to painting we can offer these treatments:

  • electrolytic cold galvanizing
  • hot galvanizing
  • zinc-nickel surface coating

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Heat treatments

If requested, we can insert the heat treatments in the order, all accompanied by a test certificate for each batch:

  • tempering,
  • carbo-nitriding
  • cementation
Packing and deliveries

To improve the logistics of our customers, in some cases, we can provide dedicated packaging for direct shipment to the end customer.

In this case, our quality department is delegated to carry out final checks on the finished product in the place of our customer.