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Tube laser cutting and certified welding

We are specialized for production of medium-light metal carpentry parts. In particular for 3D laser tube cutting, tube bending and ISO3834 certified wire welding.

We serve customers across all Europe and Middle East.

Technology and innovation

The division has been active since 2001 and today has a staff of 50 people.

Thanks to an innovative machines, we fully cover metal carpentry work, both for small and medium production batches. For that we have 3 laser cutting machines, 4 press brakes, 2 calenders, 1 automatic tube bending machine, 18 manual welding stations and 2 robots.

In particular, we are focused in two business area:

  • tube processing: from 3D tube laser cutting to bending and calendering.
  • wire welding with ISO3834-3 certification, both for common construction steels and for structural materials up to S900MC quality.
Products and services

We have an area for the assembly of the finished product including the installation of hydraulic and electronic components. The assembled products undergo a certified final test.

We also offer the possibility through qualified suppliers of surface treatment (painting and galvanizing) and heat treatment services. But also the machining services especially for welded parts, in particular horizontal axis milling and boring up to 5 meters.

We are present in various sectors which has allowed us to acquire a transversal know-how. In particular, we build components for agricultural and earthmoving machines, for hydraulic tanks, for street furniture and fitness machines, for shipyards and pressurized heat exchangers, frames for ultralight vehicles.

Vision: the end user satisfaction

How can you be a partner and not a supplier?

For us you become one if you think that the end user is a common customer to the entire supply chain.

It is declined every day with production flexibility and quickest answers. That is, to better respond to market demand.

We no longer believe in the figure of prime contractor but in specialization that guarantees quality and in a network of partner companies that are also focused on providing a complete product to the customer.

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