taglio laser tubiTubes and pipes processing

Department focused on 3D tube laser cutting for contractor business.

Also we can offer following services for tubes: bending and calendering.

We do not only work tubes but also rectangular and square section and open profiles such as structural beams (for example IPE profiles). Therefore many types of profiles can be machined with an upper dimensional limit of 220 mm in section (starting from a minimum of 20mm). For bending, the maximum limit is 80 mm in diameter.

The technology of our machines allows to cut  structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

2 Laser machines for cutting and threading products in bars up to 8 meters in length. Open profiles such as structural beams and extruded shaped pipes can also be processed. The 3D head also allows you to make chamfers for subsequent welding phase and to obtain perfect couplings between parts.

We can processed all kind of profiles between 20mm and 220mm

Maximum workable thickness: for steel 12 mm, stainless steel 8mm, aluminum 4mm.

> Laser 1: Mazak – machine data sheet

> Laser 2: BLM – machine data sheet

Automatic machine for bending pipes and tubes (squares and rectangles).

The radius of curvature can be both fixed and variable (depends on the profile and the equipment)

Maximum workable diameter is 80 mm, the thickness 6 mm (indicative values as influenced by radius and bending angle)

Thanks to the know-how gained we design and manufacture bending equipment internally to offer a faster and more economically competitive service to our customers

Automatic machine for calendering (variable radius) of bar profiles such as plates, pipes, helle and tubulars. Minimum diameter of calendering 700 mm.

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