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Sheet metal laser cutting

We have installed a new sheet metal laser cutting system.

It is a machine with a fiber resonator with a power of 3 kW, has a working area of ​​3 x 1.5 meters and is equipped with automatic loading and unloading. It is capable of cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. The machine fully meets the innovation standards of the so-called industry 4.0

This is a significant increase in capacity for the cutting department, not only in terms of potential quantity but also in terms of quality. In fact, alongside the other plant (with Co2 resonator) we can choose which technology to apply to maximize the benefits for our customers.

In fact, with the fiber technology it is possible to make holes with a diameter much lower than the thickness of the material. This is thanks to the size of the laser beam which is about 90% smaller than the laser beam generated by a CO2 source. Technical leap also allowed by the beam transmission technique: optical fiber against reflective mirrors.

On the other hand, starting from medium thicknesses (about 10mm) the cutting quality and speed of a classic resonator still has some advantages. However, it is likely that in the future the technique will develop in favor of the less energy-intensive fiber source, closing the technological gap in its favor.

In conjunction with the arrival of this machine, we have also installed a fourth press brake to organically enhance the entire department.

Agrital cuts sheet metal up to 4 meters. We mainly deal with construction steel (S420MC, S500MC, S700MC, S355, S235) and stainless steel (Aisi 304, Aisi 316). Finally, the laser cutting department is completed with two specific laser systems for tube processing.

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