fioriera in lamiera

Sheet metal laser cutting, bending and calendering

Department dedicated to sheet metal: from laser cutting to subsequent transformations.

We work structural and construction steel (up to S900MC), corten, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Also embossed and perforated sheets.

  • 1 Laser machine with a working area of 4 x 2 meter and automatic loading/unloading system. Thanks to a power of 5 KW  (CO2 technology) we are able to cut up to 25 mm. data sheet Co2 laser
  • 1 Laser machine with a working area of 3 x 1.5 meter and automatic loading/unloading system. Fiber source resonator 3Kw . data sheet fiber laser

Calendering machine to obtain cylinders and cones from plates. Maximum width 3 meter, maximum thickness 12mm, minimum diameter 150mm.

We have 5 bending systems with numerical control.

The maximum bending length is 4 meters (for 320 tons).

For perfect and straight bending, especially for low thicknesses, two systems are equipped with an automatic compensation table integrated with numerical control and active bending angle control.

Chamfering machine to prepare parts for welding process. maximum dimension 15 x 15 mm. angle 22.5°, 30°, 45°

New automatic fastener insertion machine to install self clinching nuts, pins and screws. continuous evolution for our customer care.

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