Mechanical assembly and surface treatments

imballo per spedizioneThe assembly and testing department allows us to offer complete products to our customers.

We support this with a series of external services for surface finishing such as painting and galvanizing, or for heat treatment.

With the assembly service we carry out the assembly of mechanical and aesthetic components (plastic or wooden covers). But also the installation of pneumatic and electronic elements depending on the product.

The department relies on the experience of 5 people. Finally, we carry out functional and inspection tests in agreement with the customer.

As regards painting, we offer various application technologies in accordance with the customer’s supply specifications:

  • cataphoresis
  • powder painting
  • enamel painting

However, we can also define dedicated specifications according to specific needs, such as:

  • anti-heat to increase thermal insulation
  • galvanizing to increase the resistance to rust, typical for marine environments.
  • with the micaceous effect (peel effect) for architectural items, for example for street furniture.

Finally, our quality department can check the thickness, the brilliance (gloss) and perform adhesion and corrosion resistance tests (salt spray).

Our partners: Vertek

Our partners: Baldi

As an alternative to painting we manage the following types of galvanizing:

  • cold electrolytic
  • hot
  • surface coating in zinc-nickel

Our partners: Gruppo Gaser

Our partners: Olfez

We can also take care of the management of heat treatments, all accompanied by a test certificate, such as reclamation, tempering, carbon-nitriding and cementation.

Our partners: Soliveri

To facilitate customer logistics, we can provide dedicated and customized packaging for direct shipment to the end customer, including any transport service.

In this case our quality department can be delegated to carry out the final checks on the product.

Furthermore, we can label the material with barcodes and, in consultation with the customer, also manage orders according to the kanban model.

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