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Welding machines

Wire welding machines with inverter technology

We have completed the renovation of all 15 welding stations with latest generation welding machines.

The new welders are equipped with an inverter transformer which allows significant energy savings. They also offer the possibility of welding in both pulsed and traditional modes.

The pulsation technique

Pulsed welding has the advantage of a better aesthetic result even if it brings more heat to the piece and other conditions being equal it has a slightly lower penetration capacity. The process, however, allows to contain the welding spatters and therefore allows for greater cleanliness and aesthetics of the product.

The electronics that control the machine intervenes in the modulation of the current by combining a basic direct current with a square wave. The effect obtained is a controlled detachment of the drops on the weld pool, precisely limiting the splashes and improving the aesthetic appearance of the bead.

Synergistic regulation

Our machines are also synergistic so they can be adjusted by the operator through an intuitive and simple menu. This greatly simplifies the welding machine set-up operations and limits potential human adjustment errors that can lead to ineffective welds.


All welding machines are periodically tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 3834-3 standard, of which our company has been certified since 2020.

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