Machining and molding

Sometimes for more complex welded parts is required mechanical machining or milling after welding. This in order to respect all the prescribed tolerances and dimensions by customers.

Therefore, we have the opportunity to offer also these processing, to complete the supply in order to offer a “turnkey” product for our customers.

Everything is made thanks to a reliable network of subcontractors, all ISO certified. With which we have collaboration and confidentiality agreements for the non disclosure of technical and commercial information.

Mechanical machining

For the production of steering columns for agricultural machines and structures for frames of packaging and molding machines we work the welded carpentry with numerical control machines (chip removal):

  • vertical and horizontal axis units (maximum pallet size 1200×800)
  • CNC parallel lathes and multispindle lathes.

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We produce chassis parts for concrete mixer frames and trolley-mounted pumps. They require to be machined with special milling machines to maintain the tolerances, mandatory after bending and welding.

  • Moving column CNC milling machine for milling up to 8 meters.
  • CNC portal milling machine for milling up to 4.3 meters. ISO50
Cold sheet molding

For complex shapes (not obtainable for bending) or for large production batches we adopt the cold molding solution.

If necessary we also take care of the design and construction of the necessary molding equipment.