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Fastener insertion machine

New press for nuts, pins and screws.

We want to offer our customers cutting-edge technologies to favor the evolution of the product, the quality standard and the containment of costs.

This is an alternative machine to spot welding, which however we continue to offer. With the new system we can in fact install nuts, pins and screws from M3 to M10.

Compared to traditional welding it is a quicker solution. In addition, it eliminates the problem of deformation due to the heat of the weld. From a technical point of view, the same torque resistance values ​​can be achieved.

On a sample basis, our quality department carries out shear and tensile tests to ensure the repeatability of the process.

This technology can be applied to sheets up to 3 mm thick, possibly already folded and shaped.

The Agrital carpentry division, in addition to working sheet metal, is specialized in the processing of tubulars (laser cutting, calender and bending) and in ISO3834 certified welding.

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