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Metal furnishing accessories

Metal furniture for shops

We produce metal furniture details for shops, points of sale and public places such as bars and restaurants. We collaborate for this line of products with various companies in the sector and with design studios.

For example, we create customized shelving, metal displays, tables and chairs. But also welded frames and tubular structures that act as support for luminous and information displays, for example for stations and airports.

All products are treated in detail to enhance the aesthetic factor of the product as well as functional.

The last item presented (pictured) is a sneaker and T-shirt display stand. It is made of raw metal and protected with scratch-resistant transparent paint. Our client will distribute it to the stores of a well-known sporting goods distribution chain for the launch of a new product.

Outdoor furniture

In parallel with the production of furnishing accessories for the interior, we also produce items for urban furniture, mainly in Corten steel. In addition to aesthetic and functional care, we pay the utmost attention to painting.

Examples are benches, vases and planters, tables and rubbish bins. In addition to the frame, we complete the product with the assembly of accessories (wood, springs, hinges, locks)

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