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Chamfering machine

Automatic bevelling machine

New chamfering machine for sheet metal processing.

The new chamfering machine is able to process sheets with a maximum thickness of 15 mm (starting from a minimum thickness of 3mm). It is equipped with automatic advancement and thanks to the different adjustment possibilities it is possible to obtain different grooves both in terms of angle and size.

The cutting head is suitable for processing both structural steel for construction but also stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

Although simple, it is a fundamental machine in our production cycle because it is the connection between the laser cutting process and the subsequent welding. The preparation of the material by crimping allows at the same time to eliminate the section of material thermally altered by the laser cutting and to prepare the part for an effective welding process.

Finally, we remind you that from 2020 we are ISO3834-3 certified for the welding process

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Portable bevelling machine

In October 2020, we enhanced our chamfering and crimping capability with the purchase of a portable chamfering machine. This machine is suitable for processing non-straight profiles, edges and holes. It produces bevels and radii from a minimum of 0.5×45 ° to a maximum of 6×45 °.

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