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Laser tube

3D tube laser cutting

We have 2 specific systems for tube laser cutting, with a 3D cutting head.

We have been using laser technology for tubes since 2003, we were among the first in Italy to believe in this technology.

  • The first machine was installed in 2014, built by the Japanese company Mazak. It is equipped with a 2.5 kW Panasonic CO2 resonator.
  • The second machine was installed in 2023, manufactured by BLM Adige. It is equipped with a 3 kw fiber resonator.

The systems can process pipes from a minimum diameter of 20 mm to a maximum of 220 mm (8 inches). Square profiles, rectangles and open profiles such as beams whose largest diagonal is equal to or less than 220 mm can also be worked. Finally we can cut different types of materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

Peculiar technical aspects

This tube laser cutter stands out for several unique technical aspects in its category:

  1. A cutting head tiltable up to 45 ° which means being able to perform 3D cuts thanks to the integration with the other axes of the machine.
  2. The ability to work bars up to 8 meters. Furthermore, for pieces over one meter in length, the fixed material deviation is zero. This is a peculiar trait that sets us apart from the competition.
  3. A unit of measurement for verifying the linearity of the bar and therefore guaranteeing the coaxiality of the holes on the opposite faces of the piece.
  4. An integrated tapping unit to be able not only to drill but also to thread the piece without having to make expensive manual restarts of the same
  5. Total integration with the company IT system to reduce start-up and machine downtime. The diagnosis is carried out remotely to define the scheduled maintenance intervals with the parent company. In the end it is a machine ready for industry 4.0


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