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Pneumatic marking machine

We have introduced a new pneumatic micro dot marker to improve our part identification capability and production batch traceability.

Thanks to the supplied software it is able to mark the pieces in different ways. In fact, it can engrave QR codes, alpha numeric codes or bar codes, as well as company logos. Therefore we can respond to the most different needs of identification of the piece by our customers.

The machine allows you to adjust the depth of engraving by acting on the stroke of the tip. Therefore, without problems, it adapts to the different surfaces to be marked (construction steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel). Furthermore, the depth adjustment makes it possible to prevent the marking itself from becoming illegible in the event of a subsequent painting.

For all this it becomes a valid alternative to traditional marking with punches (it is more flexible since it is not only possible to do alpha-numeric codes) or to that performed directly with laser cutting (where the marking depth is much lower).

Therefore, with a single tool, the problem of both writing more complex codes and the age-old problem of visibility after painting or other surface treatment is solved.

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